eSport Simulation recommends these accessories to make your simulation experience more comfortable. Each of these options has been tested and has received our approval.

Screen and Keyboard Mounts VIVO

Quad Screen Monitor Mount

Accessories - Quad Screen Mount

Quad monitor articulating desk mount from VIVO. STAND-V004Y is complete with high-grade steel and aluminum, built to support 4 screens 13″ to 24” and 17.6 lbs each. The fully articulating arms feature multiple adjustable joints which can be tightened to create fluid or stationary arm movement. The heavy-duty C-clamp attaches to the back of your desk which helps maintain valuable desk space while providing excellent support for the entire mount and 4 screens. An optional grommet mounting option comes with this stand. Cable management clips keep AV and power cords organized and out of main sight.

PLEASE NOTE: This Mount MUST be used with a Steel Reinforcement Bracket Mount Plate shown below.

eSport Simulation WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused to the rig or display system if this mounting plate is not used.

Steel Reinforcement Bracket Mount Plate

Accessories - Reinforcement Plate
  • STAND-AC01R is a steel reinforcement bracket kit that adds extra support to your desk clamp and monitor setup.
  • Solid Construction – Sturdy all-steel construction is designed to keep your monitor display safe and secure at all times. The added support that these plates provide increases the stability of your entire monitor display.
  • Increased Stability – This reinforcement mount decreases centralized desk stress by dispersing the weight across a larger surface area 

PLEASE NOTE: This Mount MUST be used if a spider mounted display system, such as the Quad Screen Monitor Mount shown above or similar C-Clamp style mount, is used on the rig

eSport Simulation WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused to the rig or display system if this mounting plate is not used.

Single Keyboard Support Mount

Accessories - Keyboard Mount

Single Keyboard Support Mount (STAND-V001) made of high-grade steel and aluminum and supports up to 22 lbs. Every joint is able to be tightened, so you can adjust exactly how fluid/stationary you want everything to be. We made mounting your keyboard easy with a detachable VESA plate that screws into your Keyboard platform and then slides back onto the frame of the stand. Mount uses VESA 75x75mm & 100x100mm mounting holes. Maximum arm length is 16.” and center post is 17” (plus heavy duty 4” C-clamp and 4” grommet mounting options). Upgraded design *11/25/15* with added features such as removable VESA plate and more

Single Keyboard Platform

Accessories - Keyboard Tray

STAND-KB2 is VIVO’s deluxe keyboard and mouse tray designed with 100 x 100 mm VESA holes that connect to your VESA monitor mount. The 25″ x 9.5″ tray features plush wrist padding for comfort and a mouse pad which can placed for left and right-handed users. The keyboard area is 7″ deep which fits most keyboards. For best operation, a VESA mount that is able to tilt 90 degrees upward is recommended. Mounting hardware is included to easily attach the tray to your VESA mount.

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